LNG is a Hot Commodity - Insights for Timing of Sabine Pass and Calcasieu Pass

What’s the issue?

LNG prices are near record levels and there are two LNG export terminals - Cheniere’s Sabine Pass Train 6 and Venture Global’s Calcasieu Pass - nearing completion here in the U.S. The strong international prices are also expected to aid projects currently in development to reach a final investment decision.

Why does it matter?

The addition of these two LNG facilities may impact worldwide prices, but may also impact the price of natural gas here in the U.S. when these facilities come online. Combined, the two facilities can liquefy over 2 Bcf/day of natural gas.

What’s our view?

The regulatory process for the construction of LNG facilities is much more involved and complex than the process for natural gas pipelines. As a result, there are numerous orders that FERC staff will issue throughout construction that allow us to compare the progress of current projects to the historical norms for other projects and estimate the likely in-service dates for the projects under construction.


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