How a Blue Chip Energy Company used Solar Project Benchmarks to Inform their Low Carbon Strategy


A “blue chip” energy company with $100 billion in assets sought data, expertise, and analysis to accelerate the transition of their portfolio towards cleaner energy. As an Arbo gas asset analytics platform subscriber and a voracious reader of ArView insights, this client was familiar with our capabilities. After reading an ArView article on the future of solar projects, they engaged the ArboIQ advisory services team for a more focused deep dive on the topic. 

Expecting expanded federal and state mandates for cleaner energy sources, our customer was seeking additional ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and their carbon footprint, to increase their leadership position in the renewable energy industry.

The multidisciplinary Arbo team utilized data acquisition and research capabilities combined with industry knowledge to support senior leaders’ ongoing strategic planning and knowledge management efforts.



The Problem

With a new presidential administration promising to accelerate the transition towards cleaner energy to combat climate change, our customer needed to better understand emerging regulatory policy related to infrastructure development and operations with a focus on natural gas and renewables. The customer was committed to solidifying its first mover advantage and wanted to expand their aperture related to emerging renewables utilization up and down the value chain. This would require significantly increased data source identification, acquisition, and integration into their internal knowledge base.


Solar Capacity Map


The Solution

Arbo is driven to support customers’ essential decisions with dedicated research, data science, and software development teams. After prior engagements with our team, the customer trusted Arbo to address macro and asset level issues in analyses addressing renewables project development risks and opportunities. The client also valued our deep understanding of the natural gas industry and its role as a bridge fuel.

Leveraging this understanding along with their multi-disciplinary capabilities, Arbo was able to acquire, structure, analyze, and benchmark a wide range of solar project generation intelligence to identify opportunities across the customer’s project portfolio. This also allowed for more accurate forecasting times from project origination to in-service dates. The deliverable included:

  • qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • visualizations for aggregate additional solar capacity 
  • regional and project level status snapshots 
  • a compendium of federal and state level tax incentives  
  • a review of possible regulatory impacts


Phase Timeline


The Impact

With Arbo just a phone call away, the customer has a new strategy in place to maintain its renewable project development leadership and an expanded and more easily maintainable knowledge base to track thousands of solar projects. Their trust in the ArboIQ deliverables gives them the confidence to use the acquired knowledge across their teams and stakeholders.


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