Mountain Valley Pipeline Update


Tuesday, July 11 2023

A detailed rundown of all the events that transpired since late last week, when opposition groups asked for an administrative stay in the challenge to permits for the pipeline's Jefferson National Forest crossing. We cover the various permits which have been stayed and others we're watching for action on, potential avenues for relief by the pipeline developer, likely impacts to timing, and more.

  • The 4th circuit issued a permanent stay, not an administrative stay. What's the difference?
  • How much of the remaining construction work is inside the Jefferson National Forest?
  • The court also stayed the biological opinion and incidental take statement; how does this broaden the impact?
  • Are there other stays we can expect to be issued?
  • What recourse does MVP have to get the stays lifted?
  • What's Arbo's take on the various precedent cases referenced in the stay motions?
  • If SCOTUS is made to intervene, what will that look like and how long will it take?

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