How Arbo Helped an Emerging LNG Company Provide Investors with Imperative Industry Analysis


An emerging LNG company specializing in producing and transporting liquified natural gas worldwide at competitive prices needed to provide macro-analysis quickly to internal stakeholders and external investors. The ArboIQ cross-functional team of subject matter experts and data scientists utilized years of data, research, industry expertise, and leading data visualization tools to compile a critical presentation to support senior leaders’ strategic company update.



The Problem

Responsible for over 15% of LNG in production today, our customer needed accurate timely data and actionable viewpoints for macro level issues driving the natural gas and greater energy industry. With a 28 mtpa export facility in progress, the customer’s strategy team needed to provide information to senior executives and their external project stakeholders about any major delays or cost overruns and targeted analysis related to competitive projects and the industry as a whole. They faced challenging internal deadlines, limited data and resources, and other demands on their time and talent.


The project required analysis of previously troubled LNG projects in the region of interest.

troubled LNG project Timelines

The Solution

Arbo is driven to support customers’ essential decisions with dedicated research, data science, and software development teams. The customer trusted ArboIQ to address macro and asset level issues in analyses and create compelling visualizations rapidly to deliver an impactful, easily comprehensible presentation. 

Through our analysis, ArboIQ was able to benchmark the customer’s project timeline against similar projects and provide conclusions and visualizations indicating an on-schedule result was most likely. 

This included qualitative and quantitative analysis for a wide range of issues including: 

  • major project delays
  • previously troubled projects in the region
  • materials cost variance on a project by project basis
  • cost impact of steel tariffs
  • dollar per inch-mile analysis
  • potential FERC and other regulatory delays


The client needed to understand history & origin of project opposition.

lng project opposition comment count


The Impact

Having worked with ArboIQ on previous deliverables, they trusted our quality, data integrity and on time delivery. In this case, the resulting presentation provided a crisp, compelling analysis to a wide audience of stakeholders and investors. And, ArboIQ stayed on-call for any follow-on questions or analysis. This significantly reduced the stress of project uncertainties and completion risk for our client. 


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