How a European Union Decision to Limit Methane Emissions Could Benefit EQT

What’s the issue?

As LNG becomes a major source of demand for U.S.-produced gas, the U.S. gas markets can be impacted by global decisions.

Why does it matter?

The actions taken overseas could impact the operations of producers in this country and benefit those who are aware of these global changes.

What’s our view?

The European Union is considering adopting legislation concerning the continued use of natural gas as a fuel. There is a push for the legislation to include an enforceable limit on the amount of methane that is released in the entire supply chain for any natural gas used, even if that gas is imported from outside the European Union, such as from Russia via the Nordstream 2 pipeline or from the U.S. in the form of LNG. EQT recently announced it was joining the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership, which is part of the global push to greatly reduce methane emissions. If the European Union adopts an enforceable limit, producers here in the U.S. that can meet that limit may reap a competitive advantage when transacting with LNG exporters.

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