Forge Interns Deliver for Arbo in Data Science, Digital Marketing, and Software Engineering


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Washington, DC, August 15, 2022 - Arbo, a leading provider of energy data analytics technology, has concluded its summer intern class from the Forge program and the University of Virginia and Virginia Polytechnic University. Arbo hosted interns who worked on a variety of projects within their fields alongside functional leaders and completed an extensively researched cross-functional project as a team to provide implementation plan for customer development and product feedback.

Arbo’s Digital Marketing Intern was responsible for evaluating the landscape of appropriate media, events and partnership opportunities to define a new target distribution, publishing twice-weekly blogs, and creating an SEO strategy to optimize the Arbo website. The Data Science Intern worked closely with the ArboIQ Advisory Services team and launched exploratory data analysis efforts for three regional transmissions organizations including ISONE, CAISO, and PJM. The Data Engineering Intern created database designs for integration of EIA’s renewables generation data to ease understanding and readability for Arbo customers looking for consolidated information on generators.

“Working with Arbo has been fulfilling both professionally and personally,” said Shannon Tran, Data Science Intern. “I’ve been able to expand my knowledge while working on various projects and alongside the advisory services team. The mentorship and sense of community within the Arbo team is what made this summer such an amazing experience.”

“It was energizing to put the skills I’ve learned in the Forge program and my college studies to use on Arbo’s marketing team.” said Lauren Willemin, Digital Marketing Intern. “Particularly gratifying, was the ability to see results from SEO keyword identification almost immediately.”

“Our 2022 interns provided a variety of contributions to Arbo that will continue to make an impact beyond the summer, especially as it relates to development of their respective skillsets.” Said Zach Osborne, Lead Data Engineer. “It was especially exciting to see the culmination of several months of work when the intern team presented the customer feedback project with a multi-channel implementation strategy.”

Arbo is pleased to announce two of its interns will continue with the company part-time through the 2022-2023 school year — supporting industry-leading customers in energy transportation and trading.



Arbo ( provides software, analytics, data, and services to the energy transportation, trading, and marketing industries for commercial decision analysis, infrastructure intelligence, and transactions. Our software platforms digitize workflows, integrate market data, and structure millions of regulatory filings to better connect buyers and sellers of physical energy and to enable the evolution of critical infrastructure to cleaner commodities. Arbo customizable and dynamic pipeline routing and forecasting algorithms allow users to increase transaction velocity, assess competitive intelligence, identify arbitrage opportunities, accurately predict project timelines, and reduce operational risks. ArboIQ services deliver custom analyses and actionable viewpoints to market leading customers.

Forge ( (formerly HackCville) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that prepares students with the modern skills they need to make an impact in the world. Each year, over 1,000 students learn things like design, marketing, and data science through our fun, engaging, community-driven projects and programs. We strive to empower students to realize their own potential while creating opportunities for them to make an impact for good. In turn, we provide talent to 200+ tech companies, startups, and nonprofits across the country. Our home is our clubhouse near the University of Virginia, but our broader network of 2,000+ spans the globe.


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