What Are We Watching in 2022?

What’s the issue?

As we bid goodbye to 2021, we take a moment to look at what will likely be key issues in 2022, an election year, of all things.

Why does it matter?

The actions taken at all levels of government with respect to energy will likely impact the elections and the elections will likely impact the actions that will be taken with respect to energy.

What’s our view?

2022 is shaping up to be a pivotal year, as the Biden administration looks to achieve its goals, while the Democratic party likely fights over how to avoid the typical falloff in support that follows the election of a president. We look at five key issues that could impact the elections or that could be impacted by the elections:

Energy Evolution Legislative Issues

Mountain Valley Pipeline - In service in 2022?

Renomination of Chairman Glick

Impact of Commissioner Phillips on Certificate Policy Statement

Enbridge Line 5 Litigation Saga

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