FERC Set to Vote on First Pipeline Expansion Projects Since Chairman Glick’s Elevation

Published to ArView insights on May 14

What’s the issue?

FERC seems to be struggling to approve pipeline expansion projects of any real size, as the two projects listed for decision at next week’s open meeting are both less than 50,000 dth/day.

Why does it matter?

If project applicants are going to advance their projects, it appears that they will need to find a way to make the project’s impacts acceptable to Chairman Glick.

What’s our view?

A project like WBI’s Bakken Expansion is a much larger project than any project that has received a vote to date from Chairman Glick’s Commission, but seems like one that could garner a vote if the applicant provided some additional data to address key concerns. A decision on the project would also likely bring added clarity to the chairman’s views on these key issues.



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