Hydrogen Has No Role in the Path to Net-Zero if Environmental Purists Have Their Way

What’s the issue?

In most of the world, hydrogen, whether of the blue or green variety, is viewed as a critical component to any viable path to a net-zero carbon economy by 2050. But here in the U.S., the environmental purists are already aligning to block any consideration of hydrogen as a viable part of the path for this country.

Why does it matter?

The rules of the road are currently being set, including in the reconciliation bill being debated in Congress. If the incumbent owners of natural gas facilities do not strongly rebut the arguments of the environmental purists, the laws that will be passed will make the use of hydrogen less viable economically and could limit the use of the natural gas infrastructure as a critical element of the path to net-zero.

What’s our view?

The environmental purists seem to be ahead in framing the issues, and the time is now for the incumbent owners of natural gas infrastructure to actively support the creation of a legal framework that provides a robust role for hydrogen on the country’s path to net-zero.


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