“Green” New York State Powers the City with Fossil Fuels

Originally published for customers November 3, 2023

New York’s political actors seek to shut down traditional power long before enough renewable sources are ready. Data shows the state may see rolling blackouts if they don’t heed increasingly urgent warnings from NYISO.


What’s the issue?

In a recent announcement about the awarding of contracts to renewable projects in New York, Governor Hochul asserted that “New York continues to set the pace for our nation’s transition to clean energy.” Those pesky data-driven people at New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) paint a slightly different picture.

Why does it matter?

The political actors have shut down and are proposing to shut down traditional power producers long before any of these renewable sources will be ready to provide power. In addition, most of the recently announced projects will essentially just replace projects that were already being planned but will likely be canceled after the New York Public Service Commission denied an application to allow cost increases in the contracts for these previously approved projects.

What’s our view?

By 2026, the New York City area may face a stark choice of extending the life of fossil fuel plants or suffering from regular blackouts if the political actors fail to heed the increasingly urgent warnings issued by NYISO.


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