NERC Speaks to Future of Natural Gas - Will FERC Certificate and GHG Policies Reflect It?

What’s the issue?

Just before the holidays, NERC issued its 2021 long-term reliability assessment which considered the greatest risks to the reliability of the bulk power system over the coming decade with respect to resource adequacy and operating reliability.

Why does it matter?

NERC’s key observation may best be summed up by this single sentence in the executive summary: “Natural gas is the reliability ‘fuel that keeps the lights on,’ and natural gas policy must reflect this reality.”

What’s our view?

Despite the clear calls from NERC, which here in the U.S. is subordinate to FERC, only Commissioner Christie appears to be listening to this call for policy that reflects this reality. The views of the newest commissioner, Willie Phillips, will be critical in determining whether FERC’s revised certificate policy statement and greenhouse gas standards accept this reality or further put the reliability of the entire North American grid at risk over the coming decade.

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