For MVP and Permitting Reform It May Be Now or Never

What’s the issue?

In September, Senator Manchin revealed language for permitting reform that he tried to include as part of the continuing resolution that kept the government open through December 16. He ultimately pulled that language from the resolution when it became clear he did not have the needed 60 votes to pass the resolution with the language in it.

Why does it matter?

At that time, Senator Manchin indicated it would be included in the National Defense Authorization Act to be voted on in December.

What’s our view?

Passage of Senator Manchin’s language will still be a challenge. Environmental purists oppose it because of the language that would ensure Mountain Valley Pipeline moves forward and most Republicans oppose it simply because it was part of a deal to pass the Inflation Reduction Act. The lame-duck session is certainly the best opportunity for this permitting reform to pass between now and 2025, but it will likely require substantial support from progressive Democrats in the House and that seems far from certain.


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