Senator Barrasso Questions Whether FERC Really Withdrew Policies In March

What’s the issue?

Senator Barrasso, who is the ranking member of the Senate committee with oversight of FERC, sent a nine-page letter earlier this month that was individually addressed to each of the five FERC commissioners and asked for a prompt reply.

Why does it matter?

The thrust of the letter, at least as it applies to natural gas pipelines, seems to be focused on whether FERC is applying the policies that it issued in February, even though it purportedly withdrew them in March.

What’s our view?

While many of the questions contained in Senator Barrasso’s letter are not amenable to a data driven answer, three of them are. Our review of that data supports the senator’s suspicions that aspects of the policies are being applied despite having been withdrawn and, as a result, the time periods for both environmental reviews and FERC approval have lengthened substantially since Chairman Glick was appointed to that position.

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