Arbo on Stage at FUZE Energy Conference

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Arbo’s CEO, Chip Moldenhauer joins Goldman Sachs, EDP Renewables on panel ‘Renewables aren’t Enough: Scaling Infrastructure’ at FUZE Energy Conference.



Earlier this week, I made a trip to the Fuze Energy conference hosted by Digital Wildcatters in Houston, which was a delight.

The panel I moderated was titled 'Renewables aren't Enough: Scaling Infrastructure.' While that's a loaded title, I think it's fair. Our discussion – which also featured Chip Moldenhauer, Varun Lumba, and Kristofer Cheney – essentially flipped the topic on its head to ask, "How do we build supportive policy, infrastructure, & incentive structures to make renewables as attractive as an asset as possible to accelerate deployment & decarbonization?"

Our conversation hit on everything from transmission & energy storage to hydrogen and other infrastructure that can increase renewable capacity factors and help manage headwinds facing the sector, which range from higher rates to interconnection & supply chain challenges. I'm excited to spend more time delving into these topics in my writing & analysis in the coming weeks.




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